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Breeze Electric Scooters

Breeze Electric Scooters are riding the wave of Electric Transportation and Micro-mobility. 

Every electric scooter we sell, helps transform today's gridlock into tomorrow's open road.  I designed Breeze logos for both a vertical and horizontal formats with the intent of them becoming part of each environment. From corporate office signage to brochures, apps and websites, the Breeze image mark and word marks make a strong and compelling statement.

Go Forward with Breeze.


Breeze Image and Word Mark Vertical Blac
Breeze Office Front Entrance.jpg
Breeze Office Glass Conference Room.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images12.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images4.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images5.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images6.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images7.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images8.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images9.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images10.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images11.jpg
Breeze Book-Keynote Images13.jpg
Mueller Breeze App Screens Final.jpg
Breeze Website KEYNOTE.jpg
Breeze Website KEYNOTE3.jpg
Breeze Website KEYNOTE4.jpg
Breeze Website KEYNOTE5.jpg
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